Improving Health And Nutrition

Improving Health And Nutrition


Acceptance to positive health and nutrition practices has always been the key component to bring a change in health and nutrition status of Children, Adolescents as well as Pregnant and Lactating Mothers. In order to increase health and nutrition status, both preventive and treatment measures go hand in hand, in fact one has to focus more on preventive measures. India has made a significant change in nutrition status over the past decade and continues to do so, and the focus has now shifted to increasing nutrition status through lifecycle approach.

Nayara Energy had partnered with JSI R&T India Foundation, to improve health and nutrition status of the communities around its refinery site, particularly, children under 5 years of age, adolescent girls as well as pregnant and lactating mothers in 5 villages of Lalpur Taluka, Jamnagar District and 10 villages of Khambhaliya Taluka, Dev-bhoomi Dwarka District since June 2018.


Project Outreach and Glimpses:(Adolescent Health)

“We study about female reproductive system in school, but today’s session really helped us to understand the process of menstruation and importance of menstrual hygiene. We promise to follow it and eat nutritious food as well as IFA tablets.” –Participant in village Taraghadi.
“With increased awareness and knowledge, I will now be able to calculate my BMI with the help of my height and weight” – Participant in village Mithoi

Session on what is AdolescenceExplaining Female Reproductive system with the help of Apron

Child Health

“We did not know that many tasty food items can be made by mixing many flours and vegetables, now I have learned how to make them.” – Participant in village Singach.
“I knew how to cook, but did not know how to retain nutritious value of that food by closing the lid of a vessel or washing vegetables before cutting them” – Participant in village Kajurda
“It was very helpful to attend the nutrition camp where I was able to learn new nutritious recipes. From now on I will make sure that I follow these recipes as well as cooking methods for my child”- Participant in village Singach

“Working with team members of JSI/Nayara has been good in many ways. They helped us as well as our frontline workers to reach maximum community members through various sessions and camps. We always look forward to collaborate with them and conduct activities in partnership.” – Anagwadi Supervisor

Resource Material for Communication and Awareness generation in Gujarati:

  • Flip-Book on Maternal Nutrition
  • Flip-Book on Infant and Young Child Feeding Practices
  • Dialogue Cards on Anemia
  • Mantra Booklet on Anemia
  • Food Plate Image
  • Growth Monitoring Cards for Moderately and Severely Underweight Children
  • Nutritious Recipe Cards
  • Nutrition Spin Board Game
  • Video on Menstrual Health and Hygiene
  • Video on importance of breastfeeding within one hour of birth, exclusive breastfeeding for 6 months and initiating complementary feeding at appropriate age.
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