What We Do

What we do:

We are is a not-for-profit foundation focused on strengthening public health systems to raise equity, quality and access for vulnerable communities. Since 2014, we have maintained an impact-driven portfolio on nutrition, supply chains, WASH,  RMNCH+A and tuberculosis control and prevention  Our work is built on innovation, communication, technology and evidence.

We believe that a nation is only as strong as the health of its people, so we address urgent healthcare issues by catalyzing transformational solutions at scale.

We use partnerships, data, vast experience and technical knowledge to help the wheels of health systems turn as efficiently as possible, so that babies can thrive, mothers can smile and diseases like diarrhoea and pneumonia are kept at bay.

We create platforms for collaboration where government, organizations and civil society can share strengths and collectively push health solutions to reach further and wider.

Where there is a model, we use evidence to show the best way forward, where there is a behaviour gap, we use communication to enable change. We keep our eyes on the well-being of 1.34 billion people in the country and find powerful ways to keep  advancing public health.

Partnering with JSI Foundation

Expert advice, strategic design and implementation

We implement partnerships across health and related sectors aimed at strengthening health and quality of life of communities.